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justagirlwitharebel-deactivated Asked:
When are the new posts coming?

My answer:

Oh my goodness, I didn’t know people were still waiting for new posts! It’s kind of been a while. I have to be honest and say that it just stopped being fun for me, so I stopped making posts. I also started to get really busy with life, and things have just gotten crazier since. 

I suppose though, that if there were something that you wanted, I wouldn’t mind making it. Just let me know. 

Also, on a kind of related note, if anyone reading this would like to see something from me, be it lyric posts, writing, something about me, or just reblogged pictures/articles that I enjoy, let me know. Maybe I’ll be able to make some time to do something every now and then.


Commissioned work. Enjoy!


Commissioned work. Enjoy!

�Those who fight monsters should take care that they never become one. For when you stand and look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.�

Frederich Nietsche (via jaredmonaco)

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